When You Have Stories To Tell, What Stories Are You Telling?

Like brands do their marketing, our entire lives is about advertising. The telling of stories to an audience. We are our own product. And we have things to sell.Rightly as Shakespeare said, “All the world’s a stage and we are merely players’. Some times we tell them with this in mind. But most times we don’t. We just simply put the story forth, hoping our audience will buy into it. Hoping it be accepted positively.

Like brands, we tell our stories in ways that will influence how others see us as. It is easy living this advertising too. Where once a face to face contact will make masking anything majorly negative difficult due to body language and conversational mannerisms. Social media has made it easy to hide all that. And allowed us to package and sell only what we want others to see.

Never will we want to sell ourselves short. Neither will brands tell the entire truth about the pros and cons of themselves or their products. Every story is a good story. Nothing is ever truly bad. Social media has facilitated the art of telling stories that does not have an other side. Until someone else points it out glaringly of course.

Yet what makes us different from products is that we have souls. We have our flaws. And our flaws makes us unique. Some of us may have the same flaws, but we each are flawed differently. Gotten through experiences only each of us know.

So why not appreciate it? Why try hard to tell a perfect story on social media (or real life), when what make our stories better are the intertwined plots that come with it?

Like a good book, stories are best told when there are distinct nuances of highs and lows. These are complimentary, not competitive experiences. The more we focus on one without complimenting with the other, the more watered down our story. Like a bad product, the more it be seen as we have things to hide. Of things unsaid. That’s how human nature works. Social media can only mask it, not remove it.

So when you have stories to tell, what stories are you telling?

Update:Found this parody video soon after this blog post was published. Thought this makes a good illustration of what is meant by the stories we are always hoping to tell. Also to lighten up this conversation a little bit 🙂

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