There Is a War Against Advertising, What’s Next?


I was out riding just now after after several weeks of hazy conditions. Skies cleared and sunshine came through. And it was glorious!

The initial intention was to get done outdoor mileage and maybe do some more thinking on Purpose. But somehow my thought moved into the state of advertising today. What has become of it? Especially with the great debate on ad / content blocking.

We can debate all we want all the pros and cons of why advertising is essential and perhaps even agree or disagree. But it won’t change that there are now more tools to block advertising. Advertisers just need to learn to embrace that. Like how it had embraced the ad skipping technologies of Tivo, downloads, streaming, video-on-demands, and much more like these since digital became integral in the consumers daily lives. These didn’t kill advertising, it made them better. It’s media that’s going up in arms since blocking ads mean blocking revenue channels.

I put it to evolution–advertising go where consumers consume content and by doing so, media sometimes go overboard with how much becomes too much. When this happens, consumers push back using tools available.

Unfortunately, when it comes to online content, media owners (small or big) don’t typically regulate themselves to serve ads to within acceptable limits. Thus consumers turn to ad-blocking to reduce clutter.

I agree advertising is essential. I’m in advertising too. Yet at the same time, being a person who consumes 99% of my content online, I’m starting to see so much non-related content appearing on my feeds. More than I’m comfortable with and in some cases, showing me content that I totally disagree about.

I’ve had ad-blocking software installed since several years ago. Even before Apple started bringing this up as a major issue recently. So this problem has been persistent and isn’t new. It just needed someone with the clout like Apple to bring it to the fore and lay it on the table for advertising and media to now consider it as a serious matter.

So what now of advertisers and agencies? Being a veteran in this field, I have all faith that they will adapt as they always have. And for the better too. Advertising will become smarter and be more creative in how content is approached. It will become more entertaining. Consumers appreciate entertainment regardless of what types of content they are, provided that they are relevant.

So based on the current ad targeting and content marketing scenario, it is the media and their ad engines that will have to be become better with how ads are placed if they want to milk revenues from their platforms.

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