Philosophies. Of Work And Life.

You will recognize your own path when you come upon it because you will suddenly have all the energy and imagination you will ever need.
Sara Teasdale

Just a little personal introspection since I am going through some sort of a juncture myself. Listing down a list of creative (and personal) philosophies that I’ve always based my decisions on. Some times I’ved work against all of them, and some times some of them. And so far they have proven me right most of the times.

So what are my philosophies of work, and life?

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Why Companies Should Encourage Not Prohibit Use of Social Media At Work

Doing the things I do now, it has been much discussed and oftentimes asked if agencies (or by clients companies) the use of social media should be restricted.

Suffice to say that almost always I have advised against restricting the use. I do agree with the potential problems that may arise – loss of productivity, personal time using company resources, procrastination and missed deadlines, etc, and the list can go on.

But are all these really a negative if they can be turned into a positive?

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A Lesson in Perspective on A Short Lesson in Perspective

And people ask me why I run, why I rant, why I whine. Why I seek motivation and inspiration outside of this thing called the thing I do.

A good reminder to myself, my creative colleagues and my mates. That said, we choose to do what we choose to do because we’re good at doing it. Great at it even.

But for me, and I don’t know about you, I also choose perspective. The perspective that this is after all, work. I’ll not die over it. I’ll let my running (or whatever else I will chose to do) do that for me.

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Branding and Leadership In The New World Economy

It is about innovation. And throw out that innovation is about ideas. Because innovation is much more about how you, as a brand or a leader, reach out.

Innovation in this day and age is about being constantly relevant to your audience and your employees. Getting them to believe in your actions, not your broadcast. When you make this kind of innovation your top priority, your audience or employees; or more relevantly, People will act and treat you with the respect of a leader or a leading brand.

So what are the simple steps to innovate?
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Humanising Digital Creativity

Note: Part of this post is mirrored on my agency’s blog. I have extended the piece in Opinionist here to include further personal insights and opinions.

What things drive creativity in digital? Is the new model of engagement with digital natives far different from the traditional method of broadcasting to the consumer? What are the underlying thoughts agency creatives need to think about when producing ideas that live across a broad number of mainstream and digital media available today?

At the recent 6th Internet and Mobile Marketing Summit (IMMAP) 2012 in Manila, I shared my thoughts on the Humanising of Digital Creativity. And the five tenets that contribute to the success of consumer engagement on digital.

I shared that creativity on digital is driven by the humanisation and socialisation of content. That in turn, opened up opportunities for brands to humanise themselves with its own attributes. The basis of this thinking originate from that ideas and messages have always been naturally spreadable; whether to be passed on, copied, imitated or co-created. Technology has made the passing or amplification of the message simpler.

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