Philosophies. Of Work And Life.

You will recognize your own path when you come upon it because you will suddenly have all the energy and imagination you will ever need.
Sara Teasdale

Just a little personal introspection since I am going through some sort of a juncture myself. Listing down a list of creative (and personal) philosophies that I’ve always based my decisions on. Some times I’ved work against all of them, and some times some of them. And so far they have proven me right most of the times.

So what are my philosophies of work, and life?

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Why Companies Should Encourage Not Prohibit Use of Social Media At Work

Doing the things I do now, it has been much discussed and oftentimes asked if agencies (or by clients companies) the use of social media should be restricted.

Suffice to say that almost always I have advised against restricting the use. I do agree with the potential problems that may arise – loss of productivity, personal time using company resources, procrastination and missed deadlines, etc, and the list can go on.

But are all these really a negative if they can be turned into a positive?

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A Lesson in Perspective on A Short Lesson in Perspective

And people ask me why I run, why I rant, why I whine. Why I seek motivation and inspiration outside of this thing called the thing I do.

A good reminder to myself, my creative colleagues and my mates. That said, we choose to do what we choose to do because we’re good at doing it. Great at it even.

But for me, and I don’t know about you, I also choose perspective. The perspective that this is after all, work. I’ll not die over it. I’ll let my running (or whatever else I will chose to do) do that for me.

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