Infographic: State of Mobile 2013

Without a doubt, we know the spike of the mobile statistics. But just in case that you need more convincing, here’s an infographic from Super Monitoring on the State of Mobile 2013. Some stats that caught my eye:

  • 50% of global mobile web users use mobile as either their primary or only source of going online
  • 18% of mobile users access web via mobile browser, same as mobile users who access Facebook – also 18%
  • 80% use mobile to enhance their shopping experience; that’s almost ubiquitous

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Why Clients Need To Be Their Own Creative Agencies

With the way digital and new technology has brought us into an age of consumer engagement, the time is probably right time for clients to start thinking of creative advertising and communications as an integral activity within the brand and product development cycle. For so long the task of creative ad agencies, should clients consider taking back this role; embedding them tightly with the rest of the business, brand and product strategy development?

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Humanising Digital Creativity

Note: Part of this post is mirrored on my agency’s blog. I have extended the piece in Opinionist here to include further personal insights and opinions.

What things drive creativity in digital? Is the new model of engagement with digital natives far different from the traditional method of broadcasting to the consumer? What are the underlying thoughts agency creatives need to think about when producing ideas that live across a broad number of mainstream and digital media available today?

At the recent 6th Internet and Mobile Marketing Summit (IMMAP) 2012 in Manila, I shared my thoughts on the Humanising of Digital Creativity. And the five tenets that contribute to the success of consumer engagement on digital.

I shared that creativity on digital is driven by the humanisation and socialisation of content. That in turn, opened up opportunities for brands to humanise themselves with its own attributes. The basis of this thinking originate from that ideas and messages have always been naturally spreadable; whether to be passed on, copied, imitated or co-created. Technology has made the passing or amplification of the message simpler.

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