99U: Digital Isn’t A Software, It’s A Mindset

Un-motivating morning today. To counter that, best to spend the time learning about something. Be it something new or something we thought we knew but never really know. Watch this enlightening 99U video and learn about how digital isn’t necessarily about what we think of it to be. Instead it’s about a frame of mind that drives business and yes, even creative ideas.

Digital is not software anymore, it’s an operating system for our everyday living.


Infographic: State of Mobile 2013

Without a doubt, we know the spike of the mobile statistics. But just in case that you need more convincing, here’s an infographic from Super Monitoring on the State of Mobile 2013. Some stats that caught my eye:

  • 50% of global mobile web users use mobile as either their primary or only source of going online
  • 18% of mobile users access web via mobile browser, same as mobile users who access Facebook – also 18%
  • 80% use mobile to enhance their shopping experience; that’s almost ubiquitous

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