Online Companies Have Created a “Meaningless Economy” | Big Think

We are now in an economy of ‘likes’. Growth Hacking means that business no longer depend on the value of traditional economic exchanges but instead on selling of user data. What happens to the real economy when all business become an advertising business and nothing real get sold but likes and shares?

Companies like Facebook no longer depend on traditional economic exchanges to turn profit, so what does this mean for the consumer? When we’re not paying money, we’re paying in other ways, says Douglas Rushkoff.

Source: Online Companies Like Facebook Have Created a “Meaningless Economy” | Big Think

52 Nuggets. Thoughts And Opinions From My Facebook And Social Media Updates Of 2012

2012, oh what a year you’ve been. Ups, downs, sideways, noway, everyway. Looking back now, I realised I must have posted a lot of incoherent mumbo-jumbo status updates. Some good, some others irrelevant drivel, maybe even self-centered at times.

So read on below, 52 selected nuggets. Thoughts and opinions shared in 2012. Enjoy!

  1. Waiting does no one anything good. The clarity of an action produces a far greater outcome than the outcome itself.
  2. There’s a fine line between sharing and gloating. Like opinions and opinionated. It’s just human nature to not know which is which. (Until someone get offended).
  3. This Facebook thing, while a wonderful thing, can be a bad thing some times. While on one hand we are sharing all these wonderful stuff, there’s another less fortunate group probably missing out. So let’s practice balance and not forget that there are people not able to enjoy what we enjoy.
  4. While some things are important, it’s good to remind ourselves to not make others feel unimportant.
  5. Talking to kids make me happy. There is some sort of freedom in having conversations that is utter nonsense.
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