When You Have Stories To Tell, What Stories Are You Telling?

Like brands do their marketing, our entire lives is about advertising. The telling of stories to an audience. We are our own product. And we have things to sell.Rightly as Shakespeare said, “All the world’s a stage and we are merely players’. Some times we tell them with this in mind. But most times we don’t. We just simply put the story forth, hoping our audience will buy into it. Hoping it be accepted positively.

Like brands, we tell our stories in ways that will influence how others see us as. It is easy living this advertising too. Where once a face to face contact will make masking anything majorly negative difficult due to body language and conversational mannerisms. Social media has made it easy to hide all that. And allowed us to package and sell only what we want others to see.

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Before You Go And Serve The World, Ask Yourself What Shadows You Hide

We’ve all been there. Or perhaps, is currently there. The soul-searching. When we ask if there is something bigger than this? If we can make the world better? Make a difference. The times when we want to be unselfish. When we want to give back what we’ve taken. When we want to be happy doing what we do.

Yet the truth is, most of us never get there. Because most of us will not know nor come to terms with our deep motivation. The something that sits within our being. Our primal driver for success. Our shadow self.

Throughout the years, I have had to counsel friends and co-workers searching for reasons to keep on doing, perhaps unhappily, the things they are doing. To make them believe there are reasons behind their actions. To make them discover what is it about themselves that will make them choose the right next course of action.

Here’s a thought. When you’re feeling bored at work, whining about life, procrastinating about things; maybe try telling yourself to stop with the “I can do it”, or that “Think positive” mantra. And instead ask yourself; “What will make me satisfied doing this?”.

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Why It’s Great To Be Normal And Have Self-Doubt

Because it means you’re smarter than the average person. Yes really. This is something called the Dunning–Kruger effect, a cognitive bias or the inability of an unskilled individual to recognize their mistakes or feel like they be could on the wrong path. In short, the Dunning–Kruger effect, says that smarter individuals tend to be sensitive of shortcomings and under-performances, whether their own or in others and compensate it with true effort when given tasks to complete.

Kruger and Dunning proposed that, for a given skill, incompetent people will:

  1. tend to overestimate their own level of skill;
  2. fail to recognize genuine skill in others;
  3. fail to recognize the extremity of their inadequacy;
  4. recognize and acknowledge their own previous lack of skill, if they are exposed to training for that skill

Source: Wikipedia, Dunning-Kruger effect (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dunning-Kruger_effect)

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