Don’t Have An Exit Strategy, Instead Focus On The Value Your Business Provides

Don’t have an exit strategy: You shouldn’t start a business with the goal of selling the company. Instead, focus on creating real value for others… “The success of a business really lies on the value it provides,” he says.

Source: This CEO was a millionaire at 22, went nearly bankrupt, and now runs a $100 million business – Business Insider

Several years ago, while just getting introduced into the world of startups and entrepreneurship, I was privileged to be part of a conversation between two persons. One an entrepreneur who had built and exited a couple of business, and the other a guy who is starting to build one.

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Famed Designer Massimo Vignelli on Vision, Courage and Determination

Train yourself to have vision, courage, and determination. These three things, to me, are very important. You have to work with people who have that, and at the same time, you have to have it, so that you can install it on people. You can excite them. You can show them you have a vision. You can show to them what they cannot see. At the same time, you should not have a fear of failure—this is what marketing is all about: fear of failure. Instead, you have to have courage. Courage not to fail, or courage, even, to fail! On top of it, you need to have determination to reach your objectives. Vision, courage, and determination will bring you where you want to go, but without them, it would be a miserable life.


99U: Digital Isn’t A Software, It’s A Mindset

Un-motivating morning today. To counter that, best to spend the time learning about something. Be it something new or something we thought we knew but never really know. Watch this enlightening 99U video and learn about how digital isn’t necessarily about what we think of it to be. Instead it’s about a frame of mind that drives business and yes, even creative ideas.

Digital is not software anymore, it’s an operating system for our everyday living.