Facebook Has Made Me Stupid And This Is What I Plan To Do About It

Now before you go off your handle with a retort asking me why I’m still there, I state up front that there are good reasons why I am still on it. Like reading trashy tabloids, gossip columns, or even watching bad ads—They all have their use.

Facebook’s algorithm just isn’t giving me the kind of content diversity that I want to be exposed to. I’m sure hundreds of people are working on tweaking this behind the scenes, but I’m just not seeing it.

Facebook is a great communication tool that I use to keep in touch with a larger group of family and friends who are otherwise not on Twitter or Instagram. The people that makes up that 1.1 billion that is not present anywhere else but on Facebook. It’s a lazy-me way to keep whatever semblance or relationship that I have with this group.

For work, Facebook gives me a great window of insight on current society’s trends and behavior of the human culture. Something that I find useful for professional reasons. Let’s just agree that Twitter has one set of demographic, Instagram has another and Facebook is another one. So Facebook has become a utilitarian tool for me.

Unfortunately, that’s where the usefulness of Facebook ends.

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The Opinionist’s Short and Quick Review of the New Facebook Paper App

So I’ve been using FB’s new Paper app. It’s a different kind of FB experience IMHO and I don’t see it replacing the FB app many is used to however glowing the reviews are coming in from tech blogs.

The plus the of the app is it’s magazine-like interface so news discovery is wonderful and I love the page flip effect (similar to FlipBoard only vertical). The minus of the app is it makes fast scanning or scrolling of friends posts difficult (almost impossible actually) especially with the use of tiny fonts on preview panels.

Ultimately it really depends on what you want Facebook to be for you. I think it’s great that Facebook users can get two vastly different experiences from two different apps yet staying within the same content stream.

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