Why Clients Need To Be Their Own Creative Agencies

With the way digital and new technology has brought us into an age of consumer engagement, the time is probably right time for clients to start thinking of creative advertising and communications as an integral activity within the brand and product development cycle. For so long the task of creative ad agencies, should clients consider taking back this role; embedding them tightly with the rest of the business, brand and product strategy development?

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The Future of Agencies

Digital has reshaped the landscape and will continue to due to it’s constantly changing nature. With new systems introduced and much more online content produced. We are increasingly exposed to a cacophony of choices.

Yet within this landscape, the model of most creative agencies hasn’t changed much – supposedly one that is centered around ideas. But I’m not sure if that’s a good thing. Because in the future, maybe even now, ideas are no longer an asset but a commodity. A given. Something that any agency must be able to deliver in order to do any kind of work for clients.

It’s where these ideas play in that will become increasingly important. As with what I’m seeing with some forward thinking creative agencies, typically agile independent ones, the future of agencies will revolve around 3 types of models.

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