Signs of An Impending DotBomb 2.0

The dotpocalypse is coming. Those who’s been through the first one about a decade ago will be able to see similar signs repeating. For those who haven’t, here are some of what they are…

  1. Calling it a ‘startup idea’ when it’s just another reason to have a party, or many
  2. Hiring ‘startup interns’ who’d work for zero to little money with promises of a large cash out when the company sells itself
  3. Fervent spate of larger online companies buying over smaller local ventures hoping to expand market footprints, then becoming unsustainable because of point 2 above
  4. That the idea is so good, it’s a build-them-and-they-will-come kind of idea, forgetting the marketing and advertising that’s needed even for great products
  5. When industry ‘experts’ starts thrash-talking how advertising technology will kill advertising creativity (again)
  6. And now suddenly everyone has the killer mobile/web/online-app idea, like everyone had a dotcom one back then

If you disagree or have seen more signs of the new dotpocalypse, let me know in the comments and I’ll update the list above.

Postscript: TechCrunch has a rather extensive list of dead companies in their TechCrunch DeadPool section. Bear in mind that this list does not include all the dead startup ventures that came out of Asia and notably South East Asia.

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