Ride With Purpose – Batam, Indonesia’s Barelang 6-Bridges

Note: This photo-essay also appeared on Purpose Magazine, the lifestyle blog of Purpose, the most comfortable jerseys you will ever wear.

One week into 2016, how has yours been? Ours started with a bang as we rode Batam’s Barelang Bridge. A network of 6 bridges that connects Batam and its periphery islands. In all the route is 55km one way, making it a total of 110km both ways.

Although riders can ride from Batam’s International Ferry Terminal, we opted for the safer way of hiring transport to take us to the starting point of the ride – Barelang’s first bridge. Major roads in Batam, like the rest of major Indonesian cities, can get clogged up with traffic making riding dangerous.

Dark skies were followed by heavy downpour as the torrential rain, typical around this time of the year in the tropics, crashed in. But let that not deter the riders as they began. Of varying speeds, riders sometimes catch up, or drop back, to ride alongside others in small pelotons. Beautiful sight.

Long open roads coupled with stunning views for most part. Rain or not it still makes for a beautiful ride. Never flat, the route ensures that there’s a little bit of a challenge across the entire 110 path. Although on the onset these may look daunting, it’s relatively easy once the mind set itself on taking on the task.

By half way point and by this time everyone’s filly drenched from the downpour. But let that not dampen the fun. In the end drenched, dirty, hungry but fulfilled it was still a purposeful journey all in all.

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