Purpose is Coming. Asia’s First Premium Wear Brand for Cyclists, Triathletes and Multisports Athletes

After 22 years of helping agencies and brands in their design, branding, advertising and marketing, I am setting off to build one of my own.

I am launching Purpose – A premium line of sportswear for cyclists, triathletes and multisport athletes.

I’m a creator. From the time I started working until now, I still am one although, in the past past years, growing professional means that I also had taken on managerial and business management roles. To be honest, some I excelled at, a few not so. All these led me to realise that no matter what I do or what roles I took on, I am at the core very much a creator. A creative person who thrives thinking up solutions.

I love thinking about ideas! But more than that, I love making them come to life. And more than two decades worth of experiences to prove it. To own something from concept through to launch. What also helps also is that over these years, I’ve learned to sharpen my aptitude for audience and marketing insights; to understand if an idea can work or not and where opportunities are.

I love that I get to that and I am very blessed to learn and make them come naturally.

So after such a long time creating work for agencies and the brands that they work for, I think it’s time that advance this into a place that gives true meaning – for myself and hopefully for others who is has a strong passion for multisports.

Purpose is for cyclists, triathletes and multisport athletes who’s been looking for professional grade, high-quality racing and training kits that stands apart with it’s own identity. Purpose embodies every athlete’s mental state guided by Asian philosophies that what you wear should be one with how you think, feel and perform.

The website http://withpurpose.io is up. Please visit and subscribe. I will keep you in the loop as Purpose progresses.


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