Philosophies. Of Work And Life.

You will recognize your own path when you come upon it because you will suddenly have all the energy and imagination you will ever need.
Sara Teasdale

Just a little personal introspection since I am going through some sort of a juncture myself. Listing down a list of creative (and personal) philosophies that I’ve always based my decisions on. Some times I’ved work against all of them, and some times some of them. And so far they have proven me right most of the times.

So what are my philosophies of work, and life?

  1. Testing don’t work, because you’re asking someone unqualified to do your job.
    Yes true they may be consumers. And so are your friends who look out for your well-being being. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that they really truly know what is best for you. Take feedbacks as advise but really never base any decision apart from what only you yourself know whats best.
  2. Creative leaders make better leaders.
    I’m not just saying this because I’m a creative. Or think that I am one. When I say this, it’s because I think creative (not necessarily creatively talented) people are more adaptable and able to see multiple outcomes to multiple possibilities. Gut feel, the kind that usually comes with being able to overlay experience with insights and prediction plays stronger with a creative leader. Put simply, people want a vision and creative leaders are usually very adept at that.
  3. It’s better to work with someone who has a stake in the work, not a stake in the financials.
    Work produces profit when the work is good. Get together with like-minded people who believes in working for the work not for the money. Accountants are great for the business, not the work.
  4. Demand more from the clients than they do of themselves.
    Just like you demand more (or you should) of your friends, family, co-workers and colleagues, so you should with any business partner. A client who do not see you as a partner who has as much a stake in the business perhaps should not be a client. Profit for one means profit for another. This is a symbiosis of any good relationship. A client-agency relationship is no different.
  5. The older you get the smaller the window of opportunity becomes. So get the the point quick.
    The brutal truth is, people have less and less time the older they get. We just get mired in more things we do as we take on more stuff to be come more productive. As we grow, so should our knowledge and experience. And that should all come together in being able to say what you want to say quickly and succinctly. The other party are just as quick and smart. They expect that too.

Thanks for reading.

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