Why Anthony Bourdain Is Bullish on the Future of Long-Form Digital Storytelling

When asked last week what the future of social media is, I had answered – long-for story telling. I explained that people are getting tired of lists and are beginning to seek deeper, more meaningful content. New content platforms are beginning to sprout that is enabling long form publishing; Medium, Twitter, Facebook Notes, et al.

Writers too are getting tired of curation. As a personal development, growth for them comes in the form of writing opinions and experience based editorials. Signs point in that direction. Anthony Bourdain thinks the same way too.

Everybody else has lists, people love lists, but deep storytelling … I think we travel differently now, and what we look for in reading before we travel is wildly different [than in past years],” he said. “I don’t want a list of the best hotels or restaurants. I want to be set in a place where you get a real sense of what kind of place is what.

Source: Why Anthony Bourdain Is Bullish on the Future of Long-Form Digital Storytelling


How Netflix Changed The Game: From A DVD Subscription Service to Number 1 in Online Video Streaming

The old business models are being transformed digitally. Technology being an enabler is changing the fundamentals of business and the revenue stream of many organizations. Majority of these changes are occurring through innovation. Business leaders need to understand this paradigm shift or they will be left behind. This paper briefly looks at how Netflix is winning in the digital transformation space.

Source: Open Forum – How can we understand the digital transformation of business? – Are you being left behind? Digital transformation: How Netflix has changed the game


From Disruption and Transformation to Compliance and Adoption 

I’m not too sure if you agree. In my opinion an industry–any industry, cannot be in a state of disruption and transformation forever. Whilst digital is the catalyst for change, there usually comes a time when a change results in something.

All work must produce, and all investment has to show returns. Let’s start thinking beyond the words and into the outcome.

Living in an age of constant change today, these changes must now start with the thinking – What are we transforming or disrupting today that will be a compliant and an adoption tomorrow?


Chasing Rainbows. When effort means more than outcome

Rainbow Chasing: A person who is out of touch with reality. They chase dreams that are too old for or are not talented enough to be chasing ~ Urban Dictionary

Chase Rainbows: If someone chases rainbows, they are trying to achieve something they will never achieve

However, respectfully I disagree with the two definitions above. Life’s meaning is not in the destination that you get at the end, but in the things gained from the journey taken.

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This Is The Greatest Time To Start A Business. But is it? Here’s a counter-argument

Source: This Is The Greatest Time To Start A Business.

Referencing the above article that first appeared on Medium and subsequently, on Business Insider. Please allow me to put in a counter argument. Because, if it was really as simple as what’s written everyone would have started one. But like most things in life, things aren’t that simple.

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