At 2 years closer to fifty, I realise now that I’m action-oriented. Especially lately, as I struggle to stop rolling my eyes whenever I am in or hear conversations about trends and theories.

I think that’s why I’ve dated poorly in school yet excel in fine arts and paintings. Also at work where I don’t do too well at managing but did very well at executing.

Sometimes, my executions may not have been perfect, but they’re building blocks to the next design or iteration.

You can’t be creative without being creative. Can’t be a designer without designing. You can’t say you own a product without being knee deep in the making of it. And at this moment in what I’m doing now, you can’t be in sports without doing sports.

To me, there’s only so much one can theorise, think or want to do about. In the end, it is about the doing. The execution.

Always the execution.

On Being Action-Oriented

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