How Long Should Your YouTube Video Ad Be? 15 Seconds

Yes 15 seconds for ads on Youtube. That’s the quick and fast answer.

And to make it clear, YouTube video ads and YouTube brand videos are two entirely different things. This 15 seconds duration answer the particular question that agency and marketers ask – what are the duration of youtube ads in order to be effective?

Econsultancy posted a blog piece What’s the perfect YouTube ad length with results from doing A/B testing and measuring the CPAs of comparing similar 15 and 30 seconds ad formats. Sparing all the technical mumbo-jumbos, I’ll excerpt that post into 3 digestible points below…

  • Users watch a 15 seconds ad till the end rather than a 30 seconds one
    Insight: Personally I’d do the same too. 15 seconds is a digestible timeframe I’m willing to wait on rather than the entire 30 seconds where i will start looking for the close button after around 10 seconds if the ad failed to engage. So make your message clear in the first 15 seconds.
  • A 15 seconds ad watched to the end leads to a higher conversion (click-through) 3 times more than the 30 seconds one
    Insight: You have a much higher chance of user conversion if you are able to get them to watch your ad to the end. This science is not new and its the same on broadcast commercials because the brand, messaging and call-to-actions are mostly put-off until the ending. A person switching off before half-way is a person lost.
  • CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) is lower with 15 seconders
    Insight: Because it converts 3 times the number of traffic at the same cost and number of impressions. By law of numbers, the more people watch your 15 seconds ad completely, the higher the chance of click-throughs. In the digital spending ad world, success is measured by the number of clicks as much as the idea behind it.

Here are some charts to ogle at:

Number of impressions against number of conversions
CPA is lower on the 15 seconds edit than the 30 seconds one

Source: eConsultancy, What’s The Perfect YouTube Ad Length?

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