Fear And Loathing In Singapore and Malaysia of The Haze-y Scale


For all the for and against ‘ noisy, idiotic and selfish’ online ramblings regarding the haze on both sides of the border. And directed at social media citizens to go out and do something instead of complaining… Here’s a thought from this simpleton of a man…

Could it be that maybe, just maybe, writing something online is actually most people’s version of doing something?

Because you know, Singapore and Malaysia isn’t exactly welcoming of it’s people going out hanging protest signs or congregating in groups. With permits needed by the authorities and all, who wants to get into trouble because they are trying to do good. Plus with the smog at a historical highs of hazardous and critical in some areas, would you REALLY want to go out  for hours doing ‘good’ without protection since the N95 masks were sold out almost everywhere.

So let’s put it like this – when there is fear of law and health repercussions for trying to do good in the real public space, wouldn’t the people then at least go do them on the easier, quicker and perceived-to-be-safer place online space? It’s only natural no?

So yeah, who knows. Maybe I’m complaining too much too.

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