Fitbit Charge HR. One More Step Into The Quantified Self

Preamble: Picking this blogging up again after quite a few starts and stops. What can I say… Distractions happen as they are bound to.

One step further in to a more quantified self! This Fitbit Charge HR, integrates with my Fitbit.comGarmin Connect, Strava and MyFitnessPal accounts collecting and quantifying the activities that I’ve been up to since 2010. I track mostly my runs, walks and cycling as well as tracking my daily calorie intake.

If taking into account my Nike+, Dailymile and several others (either dormant or deactivated), my activity data would have gone further back. But these have either been dormant or deactivated altogether. For the simple reason that as I started collecting more data, I needed to declutter the entry points. Eventually aggregating it all into TicTrac into one interface.

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