A Simple Post About Gratitude

As I’m sitting here over breakfast relishing some down time, with the second stage of the Purpose launch just around the corner; I am overcome with feelings of gratitude. Gratitude over how far I’ve come and how much farther this journey will be.
Gratitude about life, the things I’ve done, the people met and life-long friends I’ve made. And I can say life-long because it is. At 47, nearing 50, I can say all friends made really indeed have been for life.

Gratitude about my mum, my family. Coming from nothing, leaving with something – the strong bond of love we have for each other. Non-judgemental in each and every of our ways and happy with the way we all are.

Gratitude about Purpose. How far it’s come and all the support it’s getting. Gratitude especially about the friends who’ve become investors. Who firmly believes in this crazy idea. The ones who said “ok, I will invest”. These words are doubly special. These words put meaning to effort. Words that to a new starting entrepreneur like me, not only mean support but also a showing of faith—in the idea as well as in my ability to bring this idea to life.

Gratitude about the people who have shown support. Gratitude for those who have wished me well, and even more for this who actually did buy the products. These little things add up. Every penny counts and when friends buy at full price, rather than ask for a discount or for free, these become a display of their faith in me and this thing called Purpose. I agree no one owes nobody else anything, especially not me. If the idea and the products are good it will sell. Thus even more so when friends buy them, that gratitude becomes more special.

Gratitude lastly, especially in the past several weeks, to friends who have gone out of their way to help to make these Purpose events a success. Friends who just stepped up to volunteer time and effort to help make Purpose become something greater than I alone is capable of. Friends that sees the same vision and firmly believes that Purpose will happen. These are friends who’ve become volunteers who’ve become believers who’ve become co-creators.

Gratitude for everyone, and everything that has contributed towards this point. Thank you.

P.S. In writing this, I had not put names down. Firstly because the list truly is never ending and I do not want to forget any. And second more importantly, it’s just for everyone’s privacy reason in this day and age of social media.


Art of the Discussion: Everybody Believes They’re The Good Guy – YouTube

Watch this video for some truly wonderful insight about listening and understanding different point of views. As humans, our opinions are shaped by experiences and surroundings. We come in, usually very strongly with our own way of thinking. Sometimes forgetting that others have their own, usually different beliefs.

Viewpoints can fall into the trap of oversimplification. The only real way to get them to see your views is to listen to theirs. When you do, you will find that their values are often very similar to yours.


Chasing Rainbows. When effort means more than outcome

Rainbow Chasing: A person who is out of touch with reality. They chase dreams that are too old for or are not talented enough to be chasing ~ Urban Dictionary

Chase Rainbows: If someone chases rainbows, they are trying to achieve something they will never achieve ~UsingEnglish.com

However, respectfully I disagree with the two definitions above. Life’s meaning is not in the destination that you get at the end, but in the things gained from the journey taken.

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