Dark Patterns: How User Interfaces Trick Us Into Decisions We Didn’t Really Make

What are dark patterns and how much of it is present into our daily digital activities? How much do the decisions we make are based on our own choices and how much are influenced by what we see? Did we really buy into that item or were we somehow coerced into it?

Watch this video and learn how online experiences and user interface designs are intentionally designed to make use of our natural cognitive biases to influence us into making decisions we wouldn’t have naturally made.

Some cases are good; others however, a little tricky. Nonetheless, it’s hard to deny that patterns are a powerful influence in our everyday task.


Ride With Purpose – Batam, Indonesia’s Barelang 6-Bridges

Note: This photo-essay also appeared on Purpose Magazine, the lifestyle blog of Purpose, the most comfortable jerseys you will ever wear.

One week into 2016, how has yours been? Ours started with a bang as we rode Batam’s Barelang Bridge. A network of 6 bridges that connects Batam and its periphery islands. In all the route is 55km one way, making it a total of 110km both ways.

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